Welcome to our Year 1 page


In Year 1, we build upon the key skills and learning experiences from Reception.  We take the elements of English and Mathematics that are introduced in the Early Years and develop them more extensively throughout Year 1.  We recognise that Year 1 is different from Reception and we aim to manage this transition in a gradual staged approach, allowing the children to adapt. Our children are happy, settled, confident, creative and eager to learn.  The best transitions are built on familiarity but also some careful change.

During the first half term children work on focused activities linked to the Maths and English Curriculum. The children will continue to have opportunities to explore learning in a more play based way through activities linked to a theme. Children also have access to the Year 1 gardens at this time. We work over time on building independence in learning, by increasing the number of focused tasks based around topics and themes that excite and engage our children.  

As the year progresses, our classroom environments, daily routines and timetable evolve to ensure that the children leave Year 1 with the firm foundations required for future learning and a readiness for Year 2. 

Meet the Team

Outdoor Learning

Mrs E. Kotze

Newt Class Teacher

Miss M. Iruskieta

Dragonfly Teacher


Miss N. Goodman

Duck Class Teacher


Miss L. Carmichael

Frog Class Teacher

​Miss E. Brown

Heron Class Teacher


​Monday 18th April – Bank Holiday

Tuesday 19th April - Frog

Wednesday 20th April – Heron & Newt

Thursday 21st April - Dragonfly

Friday 22nd April - Duck

Monday 9th May - Newt

Tuesday 10th May - Frog

Wednesday 11th May - Heron

Thursday 12th May - Dragonfly

Friday 13th May – Duck

PE Days

Dragonfly Class - ThurSdays

Duck Class - Fridays

Frog Class – Wednesdays

Heron Class – Mondays​

Newt Class - Tuesdays

Useful Websites


Dragonfly Class - Mondays

Duck Class - Tuesdays

Newt Class  - Wednesdays

Frog Class - Thursdays

Heron Class - Fridays