Swimming at Hamstel Infant School


At Hamstel Infant School we are very proud to have access to our own indoor swimming pool, where the children have a once a week swimming lesson all the year round. 


All children are expected to participate in swimming lessons unless there is a medical reason to prevent this. If this is the case we must have a letter from you to confirm the reason. If your child is in school we would expect them to swim unless there has been an agreed exceptional circumstance discussed beforehand.

Children will need to wear either; a one piece costume or tight fitting trunks with a swimming hat and will need to bring in a towel. All items need to be clearly marked with your child’s name and brought to school in a named waterproof bag. All children will be expected to wear a swimming hat during their lesson. This is to protect hair from damaging the pump and filters and also so that children’s hair will be drier after the swimming lesson. Please do not give your child talcum powder to bring in to school for swimming.

The school has a supply of good quality swimming hats for sale, priced at £2.00, these can be purchased from the main office. If you are buying your own hat please do not buy a red hat, as children with medical conditions are asked to wear red swimming hats in the pool so that they can be quickly identified by the swimming teachers and staff.

Jewellery must not be worn. Any ear studs must be left at home on swimming days, as they will not be allowed to swim with them in.

Currently the cost for swimming is paid for by the school

Swimability timetable

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Year 1 timetable

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Year 2 timetable

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